Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Work behind the scenes

grass cutting


Buying in ready seasoned wood for campfires

and sawdust for compost toilets

Repairing steps

Hand rail by steps to West meadow pitches

Collecting sawdust from the sawmill for the compost toilets

Preparing lid for sawdust container

Making a base for the barrel

Recycled barrel for sawdust refil, in position outside one of the compost toilet


"Mudguard"  takes on a new meaning

Lane clearing, dead leaves and wind damage 9.12.2013.
Hundreds of trugs and trailer loads each year.

Shack roof, annual protection 2.9.2013

Yvonne - one of the camp photographers

Chris the dead tree wincher

Yvonne the apprentice  roof repairer

Chris the rotivator

Chris the Roofer

Arthur the hammock tester

Marie thetransport tester

Chris the greeter

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Activities - Books and videos about outdoors

The book suggests" I just want space and  unallocated time. I want disorganised activity for my children. 
I want the time table to be torn up."  The reveiwer Tom Fort says..."I like the no telly and reading in the early morning with hot tea... I like the easy sociability so rare in this country, and the opportunuity camping gives to observe the lives of others. I like the adventure of it. I like the way the children make friends after 10 minutes and you hardly see them again except for meals... This book is essential reading for thoughtful campers."

Booking and confirmation. Reception

Reception hatch on right, 10 metres from entrance gate.

Reception Open
Monday to Friday 10.00a.m. to 6:00p.m. (3:00p.m. in winter)
Saturday  and Sunday 3p.m - 6p.m.

Charges:- First night
£6 per person all ages.
£6 per car. £2 per motorbike.
£3 per day visitor.
£3 per day visitor car

Second night onwards:-
Cars and motorbikes free.
Children and under two's half price

Please pay  on entry at reception hatch before pitching.
Including day visitors, with all car party names, thanks.

Booking procedure:- Phone or e mail.
Then you receive a  standard reply with various links for more information.
When you confirm your  number of people and cars - time of arrival and departure, etc.,
 I send a confirmation quote/directions.

Usually, if pre-arranged, we are there to welcome you,
show you the gate combination and
lead you to a turning area,
then back down to the parking area tucked in at the side,
show you your pitch - now is the time to say if it doesn't suit you for tent size, etc.
Pay and pitch your tent.

Activities - Sports. Horse riding. Fishing. Knockhill racing. Cycling. Swimming. Showers. Skateboarding

Fishing - Loch Gelly
Shore fishing


Feeding the ducks - Moorhen, Coot, mallard, swan....

Forth boat tours
and Maid of the Forth
nearby from South Queensferry.
Loch Leven

Did you know you can camp at this rustic campsite and a mile or two up the road you can get showers at the Duloch leisure centre -Leisure centre showers

showers from £1.25 Jnr low season - £1.85 - £2.60 Adult high season.
 just behind Duloch Tesco.
Also at Dalgety Bay Leisure centre.

 Sport and leisure centres

Cycling -cycle path approx. 100 metres from here. See fuller info on post "Cycle..."
Fishing here and see suggestions below. You can then search the internet for more detail.

 knockhill racing

Swimming baths:-
Burntisland - Beacon leisure centre -Flumes.
Perth - Outside feature pool
Cowdenbeath - plus gym

Sports centre Dalgety Bay.

Local taxi 01383 410088

fife fishing guide
Stenhouse Loch,
Loch Leven but not re-stocking.)
 Kirkcaldy Raith Lake
North Queensferry sea fishing.
Dysart pier fishing.
Coastal fishing- Maggies croft Cumbernauld.
Orchil. Deanswood Livingston.

Horse riding Falconry

Fife Leisure park, bowling, crazy golf, cinema,
several eating places, Pizza, mexican, etc. lots of walks.

Burntisland skateboarding video

What's on free in Dunfermline

Horseriding Lochgelly equestrian centre

Horse riding Fife Visit Scotland

Horse riding Lochore activity meadows

Maintenance - Driveway 2010 and 2009

Much behind the scenes preparations for our  campers.
Annual maintenance of driveway.
Another ditch dug for water drainage and 70 more tons of road coverings.
More diggers, road scalpings and rollers to smooth the surface.

2009 maintenance:- Driveway and  small digger

for campers' lane - drainage

road scalpings

Another 40 tons of road surfacing delivered this year, for the 3 turning points.
We spend a few hundred £'s a year on this.
There's about 1500 metres of this road to tend to.
So we charge a £6 one off, car entry fee for the whole of the campers' visit
 and £3 for their day visitors' cars.

Re-doing all the pitch signs.

Processing the dead trees to logs for trugs.

Repairing and improving the bursts on the water supply to the stand pipes.
Regenerating the gallery and entranceway.

Maintenance - 2013 Camp entrance

 50 metre hedge at entrance 
Annual cut

From this

July 2013

Archive photo

Maintenance - drainage video Top pitches)

Press video link

Maintenance - 2011 Drainage and footpaths

December 2011 improvements
200 metres of Field Drains at the lower camp, included :-
60 tons of 40 ml graded aggregate,  200 metres of trenches,
a 2 cubic metre soakaway
3 men and a few cups of tea.

Plus machines:-A Dumper truck

Large and small digger

With assorted buckets and fork attatchments 
 for trenching and removing old scrap metal from near the badger hide.

New pitch after removal of rubbish

New path on top of drainage channels

Lower pitch footpaths